My Photos

I love photography and own a nice Nikon D90 camera. I have a flickr account where I put my pictures. Problem is I don't have much time to devote to taking pictures and spending time improving them with the computer. See below some of the photos I like the most.

New York at dusk

Empire State Building V

I was really really lucky with this one. I has no photoshopping applied. It had been snowing all day and the sky had a blue-ish colour which reflected on buildings' roofs.

Tour de France in London

Tour de France Prologue

All these pictures taken with a Nikon D40 with the standard 18-55mm lens

Police officer in NYC

To Serve And Protect

See the higher resolution to get all the details!. I think he didn't noticed, he was scary.



Yes, a bit saturated, but looks very cool

Ryanair is not bad, sometimes

Zona 7 para la Oyster

Taken on a flight to Seville from Stansted, at around 7:00 in the morning. It was a weird scene