About (me)

So, this is the typical page where you can find a bit more about this website and me. My name is Jesús Roncero Franco, where Jesús is my name and Roncero Franco are my surnames. In Spain we have two surnames or family names. Jesús is not uncommon as a name and it’s pronounced in a way which you probably are not familiar with. (I have heard all the jokes already, so…)


As I explained in the main page, this domain is live since 2004. I also own roncero.org since 2001, which in terms of the internet (more in terms of the WWW) is almost the paleolithic. I was very lucky to get hold of my own surname as a domain name, bought it just by chance and it ended up being a good move. Notreally.org was a suggestion by Javier Linares to whom I’m very grateful.

About me

Right, I’m a Spaniard who lives in London. I was born (and raised) in Seville. Seville is a beautiful city in the south of Spain known for its role in the discovery of America among other things, but I’m sure you most likely know it because of its oranges. Anyway, it’s a beautiful city to visit, but don’t go during the summer. It’s horrible and it gets really really hot there. You are warned :)

I studied computer science at the University of Seville. I worked for Emergya in 2004, when I went back to uni (to study and to work) and came to England in 2006 as an exchange student and lived in Brighton for almost 11 months. I studied at Sussex University.

At the end of those months I decided I wanted to stay a bit longer, find a job here, see how it was like to live in a foreign country. I found one at MX Telecom where I still work. They are now called OpenMarket since March 2010, as we were bought by OpenMarket’s parent company, Amdocs.

My work title is Senior Systems Engineer, and what that means is that I do systems administration plus internal programming. That is, writing programs to take care of our internal systems apart from the whole shebang. There are a number of very smart people who work at MX TelecomOpenmarket, so if you fancy applying, this is the job positions page. See some of my blog posts at http://blog.notreally.org if you want to see the kind of shit we do here ;-)

Lately, I’ve discovered Salsa dancing (and other latin dances) which I enjoy very much. I find them challenging and inspiring at the same time.


This is basically a mini-me description, please feel free to contact me if you want to get in touch.

Jesús Roncero.